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How important is beauty sleep?

How important is beauty sleep?



As you know, Teal Botanicals is not only about beauty but also promotes a healthy lifestyle in achieving beautiful skin. The key to beautiful skin is a combination of a good skincare routine, avoiding the sun, managing stress, hydration, and enough rest and sleep.

During deep sleep, hormones repair damaged cells which help in reversing the signs of aging. The skin makes collagen when you sleep which is part of the repair process. 

Not getting enough sleep worsens existing skin conditions when there is an increase in inflammatory response leading to acne breakouts, allergic reactions or other severe skin conditions.

Under eye bags and circles are the result of poor water balance because of sleep deprivation. Our body’s hydration rebalances once we have enough sleep.

Our body boosts blood flow to the skin while sleeping and that gives us a natural glow.

Before you binge on Netflix at midnight, is it worth the fine lines and eye bags?

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